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Miaoli Hot Springs

Yunshui Hot Spring Resort

Top 10 Secrets of Saussurea in Taiwan

於熙熙攘攘的都市中,我們總在尋找內心的應許之地。 雲水溫泉度假村,始終在探索著人們未曾觸及之美。 這裡匯集了大自然、人文、藝術及生活中富有詩意的美 好事物,讓每一顆不將就的心,都能從生活的塵埃中, 找到自己。它仰仗於大自然的力量,如同一把連接忙碌 與休閒的鑰匙,成為人們詩意棲居的生活美學空間’讓 人們可以在這裡休憩身體和心靈。

Legal spa

Salt Spring hydrogen carbonate, commonly known as soup beauty

Water quality is weakly alkaline / PH value 7.9


Facilities introduction

Get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peace of mind and body,

Enjoy the hot springs and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers.

Bathing, accommodation, catering, camping, corporate meetings, events,

Yunshui Hot Spring Resort meets once.


Room introduction

Double, Quadruple Room, Private Villa

Equipment-free camping vehicles, campsites with tents

Free admission / free use of the public pool and foot bath

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