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【Restaurant business hours】

Breakfast 8:00~10:00

Afternoon tea 10:00~16:00

  • Pets must be placed in a stroller or a pet carrier, and are restricted to outdoor seating

  • Do not let pets urinate and urinate anywhere

  • No smoking, no food outside

  • No afternoon tea during breakfast time

  • Welcome to use the national travel card for consumption.

afternoon tea 

  • Muffin WAFFLE

  • Pizza PIZZA

  • ​ Fried food FRIED​


  • Coffee COFFEE cold / hot

  • Drink DRINK  Cold / hot

  • TEA  hot

​Barbecue meal reservation

  • Currently only for campers, camping areas, and lakeside residents

  • Please book 7 days before check-in (excluding holidays)

  • To view the menu, please click: this link

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