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Outdoor SPA public soup

[Fee] Adult $400/child (below 145cm) $250/person


[Facilities] Outdoor mountain spring pool, indoor hot spring pool, children's paddling pool, oven, steam room, electronic locker, senior shower room, powder room, dressing room, terrace rest area

※Swimsuits, swimming caps, and bath towels are required


Double Soup House

[Fees] Weekdays $900/holidays $1100/room

Additional person fee (up to 2 people): $200 for adults/$100 for children (below 145cm)

【Time】90 minutes


Tips for bathing  ★Pets are not allowed  ★No smoking

  • The entrance fee can be deducted from the facility consumption of $100.

  • Ticket purchase/admission time is half an hour before the end of the day. If you end at 22:00, please complete your ticket purchase/entry before 21:30, and you must leave the venue before 22:00.

  • Holiday classification: weekdays (Sunday to Thursday); holidays (Friday/Saturday/national holidays/continuous holidays/the day before consecutive holidays).

  • Hot spring properties: bicarbonate spring (beauty soup)/pH: weakly alkaline/PH 7.9.

  • Tickets can be purchased at the service center on site, no appointment service is provided.

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